Blue airplane with sunset in the background.

Precise Flight is proud to partner with RDD Enterprises of Redmond, Oregon in providing the Oracle Wingtip Lighting Assembly for the LX7 Aircraft.

Precise Flight’s “Oracle” Wingtip Lighting Assembly featured on the LX7 is the first lighting assembly that incorporates hyper-bright LED technology from Rigid Industries, downward facing puddle lights casting the LX7 logo onto the tarmac, comprehensive key-fob activated convenience lighting, and the LX7’s signature blue Halo lighting that creates a highly-visible, classy, and unmistakable blue halo around the LX7 wing.

The LX7 also features Precise Flight’s patented Speedbrake spoiler system, allowing the LX7 to double the rate of descent without shock cooling the engine. Speedbrakes have been maximizing aircraft performance for over 37 years, and now provide critical speed control to the high-powered performance of the LX7.


A New Level of Safety for the Modern Aircraft Interior