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PUBLISHED: February 2004

“…The Pulselites offered increased conspicuity estimated to be 1/2 to 3/4 mile over an aircraft holding in position with the landing lights on steady. Once observed, the motion of the reflected Pulselite off of the runway surface in front of the holding aircraft was pronounced”

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Development and testing of techniques for increasing the conspicuity of motorcycles and motorcycle drivers (October 1979) by P. L. Olson, R. Halstead-Nussloch, M. Sivak

Sunstate/Qantaslink Trial Finding

78% of Air Traffic Controllers agreed that the Pulselite® enhanced aircraft visibility.

Control Tower Comments

Rockhampton Tower “Aircraft are easier to see.”
Hamilton Tower “Definitely easier to see particularly in hazy conditions.”
Cairns Tower “Definitely easier to see from the Tower.”
Mackay Tower “We have found the aircraft a little easier to see at longer distances. RT chatter also supports this.”

Department of Transportation

Alerting Lights on Locomotives – In a similar transportation analogy, the DOT required Railway Locomotives to be outfitted with pulsing ditch lights (like aircraft recognition lights) in 1995. The resulting documented improvements in railway grade crossing accidents has been outstanding.
CalTrain – Accident reduction 76.4%
Conrail – Accident reduction 74.3%
Norfolk Southern – Accident reduction 54.6%

Improved Conspicuity of Aircraft

Approximately 74% of the airline’s pilots who responded to the pilot survey believe that the Pulselite® system enhances their aircraft’s visibility.

Prepared for Sunstate Airlines/QantasLink by Peter Reardon Enterprises Pty Limited.


A New Level of Safety for the Modern Aircraft Interior