Blue and white helicopter hovers in front of building with American flag in the background.

Vertical Magazine Highlights Metro Aviation’s Use of the Pulselite System to Prevent Bird Strikes.

Use of the Precise Flight Inc. Pulselite System is a significant factor in reducing the number of bird strikes with aircraft, a new study conducted by Metro Aviation has found.

The study looked at 43 helicopters in Metro’s fleet for the migratory months of September and October in 2016 and 2017, as well as an entire two-year period for those two calendar years. The 43 aircraft included EC135s (which make up the bulk of Metro’s fleet), AS350s, EC130s, and EC145s.

During the September and October periods, Metro found it was five times more likely to have a bird strike an aircraft that was not Pulselite-equipped than hit an aircraft that was. For the entire two-year period, it was three times as likely to have a bird strike on an aircraft that was not Pulselite-equipped.

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