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  • Precise Flight Aviation Oxygen Aviation Oxygen Systems

    Precise Oxygen Equipment, formerly Nelson Oxygen, is the highest regarded oxygen solutions available to the aviation consumer.

  • HID - Best Lighting for your Aircraft LED & HID Lighting

    LED & HID lights for your aircraft. They're brighter, they last longer and they consume less energy than other lights.

  • Pulselite - Be Noticed Pulselite

    The Pulselite® system is simple and straight forward - it pulses your aircraft's existing lights. Pulsing lights get attention.

  • SpeedBrakes - Pop, Drop and Land. SpeedBrakes

    Double your aircraft's normal rate of descent without reducing power or using landing gear. Pop, drop and land.

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General Aviation News & Events

  • EAA OshKosh 2014EAA OshKosh 2014

    Everything is almost ready to go! Our new Rescue Ruck will be there to fit the rest of our Survival gear.

  • LED LightingLED Lighting

    These LED lights have revolutionized the lighting world.

  • EAA Oshkosh 2015EAA Oshkosh 2015

    Quickly approaching in July is EAA AirVenture 2015. We hope to see you all there!

  • Precise Flight's Speedbrake InformationPrecise Flight's Speedbrake Information

    POP, DROP & LAND - A short video with some bullet points regarding the Precise Flight Speedbrake.