SpeedBrakes™ give pilots greater control during rapid descents. Aircraft owners and aviation experts around the globe have identified Speedbrakes as the leading spoiler system in the General Aviation industry. Speedbrakes are certified for many general aviation aircraft and has received OEM contracts from Mooney, Columbia Aircraft Mfg Co. and the New Piper Aircraft Company.

Precision Tube Fabrication

Precise Flight is one of the leading tube fabricators in the global aerospace industry. From fuel lines, oxygen lines, and hydraulic lines – to nitrogen lines, engine drain lines, and everything in between, Precise Flight’s tube fabrication division, has established a reputation of excellence and reliability with many of the leading manufacturers in aerospace, including Cirrus Aircraft, Boeing, Mooney International, Quest Aircraft Company, and Epic Aircraft. Our state-of-the-art tube fabrication shop includes two CNC 3-axis Bending Machines, hydraulic and pneumatic double-strike flaring machines, precision cold saws, ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tubs, an ISO Class 8 certified cleanroom, custom labeling and packaging machines, ovens and air dryers for all sizes of lines, and a comprehensive assortment of custom tooling and hand tools to accomplish even the most complex of bends. Due to the high volume of lines we fabricate, we typically can reduce our customers costs by 15% to 30%, while improving quality and customer service.

Pulselite System®

Pulselite® system was launched in 1984. Pilots and experts again took notice. The Pulselite system provides increased aircraft recognition through the use of flashing existing aircraft external lights. This product is available for aircraft and rotorcraft from Robinson R22 to Boeing 747s and is proving its value on more than 25,000 aircraft worldwide.

Precise Aircraft Oxygen

Precise Flight is the leading supplier of oxygen equipment and oxygen systems in the general aviation industry. From integrated oxygen systems and semi-portable oxygen systems to portable oxygen systems and every type of breathing gear, Precise Flight has established an A+ global reputation for innovative and premium oxygen equipment.

Safelock Cup Holder System

Every year, aircraft accidents happen due to loose drinkware in aircraft cabins. Additionally, aircraft owners and fleet managers spend millions of dollars every year repairing instruments damaged from spilled beverages in the cockpit. Precise Flight’s proprietary Safelock Cup Holder System provides a safe, innovative and reliable solution to this dangerous problem. Checkout the Safelock Cup Holder products here.


We’re dominant in the aviation industry, and have been since 1980. As a lean organization, we use to our advantage a proven ability to meet market requirements, absorb technological advancements and excel as industry leaders in each of our market segments. The PFI Advantage starts and ends with our customers: from the “customer driven” service we provide to the end-value that is ultimately passed back to our customers.

Precise Flight holds 46 Supplemental Type Certificates and produces PMA and OEM components for the following manufacturers:

External Light Control

Bombardier Canadair Learjet
External Light Solid State Relay

Bell Helicopter (Textron)
External Light Control

Cessna (Textron)
External Light Controls, External Light Solid State Relay, Portable Oxygen Systems, Fixed Oxygen System, Oxygen Breathing Stations, LED Navigation Lighting, Flap Control, Trim Controls, Environmental Controls, LED Lighted Back Panel Displays, SpeedBrake System

Cirrus Design
Portable Oxygen System, Fixed Oxygen System, Electronic ECS (Environment Control System), Flap Control

External Light Solid State Relay

EADS Eurocopter
External Light Control

EADS Socata
External Light Control

External Light Solid State Relay

HID External Lighting, SpeedBrake System, Oxygen Breathing Stations, Fixed Oxygen System

New Piper Aircraft
SpeedBrake System

External Light Solid State Relay, Pylon Mounted External Light

Raytheon (Hawker Beech)
External Light Solid State Relay

External Light Solid State Relay