• Precise Flight's NEW A5 Boom Cannula is designed to provide easy access to oxygen without sacrificing comfort and performance. With a simple mount to your headset, Precise Flight's new A5 Boom Cannula features a swivel arm and fully adjustable cannula to give you the best fit. This cannula version is a single lumen cannula and is compatible with the A5 Flowmeter or any other constant flow oxygen system. The A5 Boom Cannula is convenient, comfortable, lightweight, and works with your existing headset. The A5 Boom Cannula is configured for a left side mount to the headset. For a right side mount please mention your request at checkout.
  • This All-in-One SOLO Pack includes the X3 Demand Conserver, the best demand conserver in the aviation industry. The X3 Demand Conserver is the only fully mechanical demand conserver (no batteries required). By giving you oxygen only when you "demand" it, the X3 will extend the duration of your oxygen supply by at least 300%. The X3 Solo Pack includes everything you need, including a dual lumen cannula, dual lumen mask, and all necessary connectors and tubing to take the guesswork out of oxygen compatibility. The X3 is STC'd for Cirrus and certified up 25,000 feet. All oxygen hardware comes with Precise Flight's premier lifetime warranty.
  • Take the guesswork out of oxygen compatibility! The All-in-One Solo Pack is an all-inclusive oxygen kit for the passenger or pilot. The Solo Pack includes our All-in-One Connector kit, allowing you to connect to virtually any aircraft. The complete pack includes: Standard Face Mask Oxymizer Cannula A5 Flow Meter with tubing Connector Kit All oxygen hardware comes with Precise Flight's premier lifetime warranty.
  • Precise Flight's popular microphone mask features a very comfortable blue silicone mask with a built-in Electret Microphone and a custom connection to our X3 Demand Conserver. The microphone allows you to communicate easily when flying high and the comfortable shape and soft silicone is smooth on your skin.
  • Precise Flight's Omniport Regulator is designed with durability and functionality in mind. The Omniport's sleek design eliminates the common problem of broken stem valves, and is supported with a lifetime warranty. The output pressure of the Omniport Regulator is between 22psi and 27psi and fits all cylinders equipped with CGA-540 threads.
  • Replacement Oxymizer cannula for use with our A5 Flow Meter.
  • This complete portable oxygen solution for two people includes the 22 cubic foot portable bottle kit and the two person Flow Meter kit.
  • 2000 Series Aftermarket SpeedBrake Kit For Mooney M20 Series, STC SA4342NM. Available for both 12 or 24 volt aircraft. Kit will arrive complete with STC, cockpit switch, all installation hardware and documentation. Average installation time is 25-35 hours with an installed weight of 9 pounds. STC'd For: M20 Series Mooney Features Deployable at any speed below Vne (175 Knot limit if you have tip tanks) Doubles aircraft drag Doubles normal rate of descent Helps prevent engine shock cooling Improves aircraft value and utility

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